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About Zoya Goes Pretty

Zoya Goes Pretty is the Bulgarian cosmetic brand of Zoya.BG and the natural continuation of what we have been searching for in the last few years - the most natural and simple skincare ever. The conversations with close customers and friends reassured us that it is high time we did what we have been dreaming about for years - a mixture of two or three butters, using shea butter as a base. It all began with the splendid shea and cocoa mix, which we first tried on after sunbathing. The irresistable chocolate flavour made us want more and more. Yes, maybe it absorbs a little bit slower than the rest of the combinations, but we really believe it is a special experience.

The best of all is that you could always make up your own creation, melting one of the mixtures (in a water bath) and adding carrier or essential oil. You could add some drops of lavandula or ylang-ylang oil to the pure shea butter. You could experiment with camellia, rosehip, argan, cocoa, as well...the most important is to get the combination which suits you best.

And don't forget that butters don't like high temperatures. If you leave the tin on the beach or at some very hot place, the butter will melt and possibly form little lumps. This is normal reaction and shouldn't worry you - you could use your favourite butter again, it will only be softer and with light peeling effect.

Meet all our favourite mixtures:

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