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A Nordic fairy tale…

…or so it seems! Urtekram was established in 1972 in Copenhagen with the intention to introduce organic body care and food to Danish consumers. Today we are 150 employees and offer more than a thousand different products to consumers around the world.

What ’Urtekram’ means”

An urtekræmmer is an ancient Danish title for a sales person, a kræmmer, working door to door selling locally grown produce and herbs (urter). In relation to this, the word kram also translates to ‘good quality’. But more importantly, in Danish a ‘kram’ is a hug – something that perfectly describes our love for nature as well as our work spirit.

Urtekram is...

Passionate about the organic movement. We strongly believe this is the right choice for us, our environment, and for generations to come.
Honest. We are honest in everything we do. We are honest about the possibilities as well as the limitations of organic body care, and we are honest towards the people we work with.
Respectful. We do our outmost to respect nature, we treat our staff respectfully, and we are respectful towards the people we work with.
Caring. We care for the planet, we care for the animals, and we care about the people we work with. We believe in close collaborations and good relationships. We work together towards common goals.

We believe in

 No compromises in organic standards.

 Functionality and product experience levelled with premium organic brands.

 First movers with new ingredients and trends within organic personal care.

We love nature

 Our production is CO2 neutral. 

 We transport materials by ship or truck. Results: Reduced CO2 emissions.

 If you ride your bike to work at Urtekram, you are financially rewarded. 

 Most of the electricity we use for manufacturing comes from a local windmill. Our local biofuel plant delivers heating.

Yes – we do make it ourselves!

No Perfume – for sensitive skin

Invigorating face and body care products without perfume for sensitive skin. The No Perfume range covers all the products you need for your daily care routine, all made from ingredients especially selected for their ability to cleanse and nurture sensitive skin.

Children's series

Children’s Toothpaste Tutti frutti with Aloe Vera protecting the gums. Children’s Shampoo - perfect for children’s sensitive skin and hair. And more...


See more ranges - Alove Vera, Rose, Coconut, Special range shampoo & Toothpaste

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Distribution in Bulgaria

Zoya BG is the authorized distributor of Urtekram products on Bulgarian market. For more information, please contact us.

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