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Zoya BG - Organic & Natural super store - Local foods and cosmetics from small farms and producers in Bulgaria

Natural foods and cosmetics from Bulgarian producers and local farms

High quality Bulgarian products, with verified origin, traditional recipes and ingredients, combined with the latest trends in the organic food and cosmetics sector. Look for anything from flours, tahini, honey, legumes, seeds and teas in bulk, jams, hand-made chocolates to Bulgarian floral waters, essential and carrier oils, shampoos, soaps and much more to discover!
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BB date:24-01-2023
Add to basket 8.25 лв - 29.45 лв
BB date:02-11-2022
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BB date:31-07-2023
Add to basket 3.15 лв - 48.05 лв
BB date:16-12-2022
Add to basket 3.45 лв
BB date:11-10-2023
Add to basket 2.65 лв - 11.25 лв
BB date:31-07-2025
Add to basket 11.65 лв - 25.65 лв
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