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ZoyaBG ®

  • Zoya BG is our own Zoya organic shop label of foods. We offer a great range of organic grains, seeds, oils, natural syrups or herbs - all sourced by our team from different countries or local Bulgarian foods. At Zoya BG we like to say that we are what we eat and we love it!
ZoyaBG ®
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BB date:26-10-2022
Add to basket 4.65 лв - 171.00 лв
BB date:06-06-2024
Add to basket 13.15 лв
BB date:30-06-2022
Add to basket 13.15 лв - 18.25 лв
BB date:02-03-2023
Add to basket 2.85 лв - 5.25 лв
BB date:31-01-2026
Add to basket 3.85 лв - 45.15 лв
BB date:28-02-2022
Add to basket 4.35 лв - 7.85 лв
BB date:17-03-2023
Add to basket 7.85 лв - 23.85 лв
BB date:15-10-2022
Add to basket 2.65 лв - 19.15 лв
BB date:04-05-2026
Add to basket 2.85 лв - 7.25 лв
BB date:30-06-2024
Add to basket 4.25 лв - 38.15 лв
BB date:30-12-2022
Add to basket 3.65 лв
BB date:31-05-2023
Add to basket 4.85 лв - 9.15 лв
BB date:26-11-2022
Add to basket 5.35 лв - 91.15 лв
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