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Zoya featured - Zoya BG - Organic & Natural super store

By type - Chocolate and Desserts

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Function - Nutritional supplements

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By type - Canned food

By type - Tahini

By type - Salty sticks, chips and crackers

By kind - Herbs, mushrooms and herbal extracts

By type - Gluten Free

By type - Herbs and herbal tinctures and extracts

By type - Antioxidants

By type - Children's food

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Organic syrups, crispy wafers and crunchy salty sticks and pretzels

  • Organic fruit and herbal syrups, organic crispy wafers with different flavours, organic sticks, pretzels and cookies and organic smiling chickpea sticks are some of the products of Harmonica, created with love and care for natural biodiversity, soil fertility and water purity.
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