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Superfoods and plant based protein powders and mixes

Raw Cacao powder, nibs and beans, Wheatgrass, Hemp and Rice protein, Chlorella, Spirulina, Rosehip powder, Agave nectar, Bee pollen, Hemp seeds

Our promise:

 - As a direct importer and wholesaler we offer best value for organic foods and whole foods
 - We carefully select our products and suppliers
 - We offer next day delivery for all Bulgarian orders, 2-day for all Greek & Romanian orders: See delivery options
 - Have a question? Our customer care team is availabale Mon-Fri: 9-6 pm, Sun-Sat 11-5pm: Contact us

Please see our Bulk Superfoods at
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BB date:06-06-2024
Add to basket 13.15 лв
BB date:02-03-2023
Add to basket 2.85 лв - 5.25 лв
BB date:17-03-2023
Add to basket 7.85 лв - 23.85 лв
BB date:15-10-2022
Add to basket 2.65 лв - 19.15 лв
BB date:15-07-2022
Add to basket 4.25 лв - 7.15 лв
BB date:31-05-2024
Add to basket 14.15 лв - 24.15 лв
BB date:21-10-2022
Add to basket 14.50 лв - 27.50 лв
BB date:31-10-2022
Add to basket 8.25 лв - 28.15 лв
BB date:09-04-2023
Add to basket 9.25 лв - 15.25 лв
BB date:01-04-2023
Add to basket 7.25 лв - 13.25 лв
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