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Ingredients for homemade cosmetics

Oils and butters in bulk, essential oils, floral waters, clay, herbs and salts

DIY cosmetic recipes in Kukuriak
Natural ingredients for homemade cosmetics from Elemental
Bulk oils and butters for homemade cosmetic recipes
Bulk shower gel and shampoo from Biolu
Ingredients for homemade cosmetics - butters and oils, essential oils, floral waters, exfoliating ingredients, salts and waxes, dried herbs and clays. Jars and bottles. All cosmetic ingredients can be bought from our shop at 12 Dobrudzha St, Sofia and Zoya shop 3, Sofia, Garibaldi sq. ( Angel Kanchev 2 st. )
Floral waters (‏33)
Cosmetic bases (‏13)
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