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Grains, seeds, nuts, fruits

Bulk and packed grains, flours, seeds, dried fruit and vegetables.

Turtle Cereals
Popped amaranth and buckwheat - organic from ZoyaBG
Delicious breakfast with dried frui, seeds and nuts from Zoya.BG
Nuts and seeds from Germany from Schapfen Muhle
Selected products from organic agriculture or natural origin. Organic flour: gluten-free, wholegrain or white flour. Nuts, raw or roasted; chia, sunflower, sesame or pumpkin seeds; maize for popcorn. Different kinds of rice, lentils, chickpea and beans. Flaxsees and a choice of sprouting seeds. Bulk and packed organic dried fruit and vegetables, gardening seeds and spices. Organic mueslies, granolas and pasta - spaghetti, fusilli or penne. Glutenfree foods and foods suitable for children.
Grains and beans (‏125)

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