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Face cleansers

Face wash products for gentle, soap-free cleansing.

Natural face scrubs from Everyday for the future
Face cleaning foam from Zoya Goes Pretty
Face Wash Soaps from I Provenzali

Face wash foams, micellar water, cleansing milks and balms enriched with pure essential oils to clean effectively and delicately the skin. Cruelty free. Make-up removal and cleansing foam. Suitable for oily skin, prone to acne, with blackheads and spots, clogged pores and pimples. Face wash with niacinamide. Tea tree cleansing gel. Micellar foam. Cleansing rose water. Antibacterial foaming face wash. Solid make-up cleansing oil. Gentle cleansing and exfoliation with fruit acids. Two-phase make-up remover without alcohol for face, eyelids and lips.
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