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Dental and oral care

Organic and natural toothpaste, bamboo brush, compostable dental floss, herbal mouthwashes and oil pulling.

Wide selection of organic toothpastes, bamboo toothbrushes and toothbrushes made of bioplastic, plastic free dental floss and herbal mouthwash. Toothpastes - for sensitive gums, whitening, homeopathic, for children, without fluoride, mouthwash tablets, holistic toothpaste without SLS. Natural herbal mouthwashes that do not contain artificial sweeteners and synthetic additives. Natural compostable dental floss made of corn, vegetable wax or silk. Oil pulling in a recyclable aluminum bottle.
Toothpaste (‏46)
Toothbrush (‏20)
Dental floss (‏6)
Mouthwash (‏10)
Oil pulling (‏3)

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