Organic Dried Figs - Bulk

Organic Dried Figs - Bulk
Organic Dried Figs - Bulk Organic Dried Figs - Bulk Organic Dried Figs - Bulk

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Origin: Turkey
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Organic figs

Figs are very nutritious fruit, as they have the highest amount of calcium of any fruit, and 100 g of dried figs contains 16% of the daily recommended amount. Figs are also an excellent source of dietary fiber. Fruit fiber has been shown to significantly lower the risk of different disorders in postmenopausal women. It is also very filling and may act as a mild appetite suppressant.

Figs are also a good source of copper, manganese, magnesium, potassium, vitamin K. They have a laxative effect and contain many antioxidants. They are a good source of flavonoids and polyphenols. In one study, a 40 g portion of dried figs (two medium size figs) produced a significant increase in plasma antioxidant capacity.

No preservatives, artificial colouring or added sugar.
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