Coconut Milk - organic - 400ml

Coconut Milk - organic - 400ml

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Manufacturer: Amaizin
Origin: Sri Lanka
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Organic coconut milk from Sri Lanka. Coconut milk is an important ingredient for oriental dishes.

* At lower temperatures, the coconut fat in the milk can become hard. This has no impact on the quality.
* Shake, stir or heat the milk before use, and it will be smooth again.
* Always stir as it heats,or it will curdle.
* Never cover coconut milk with a lid while cooking.
* Cooking coconutmilk in your wok will prevent burning.


organic coconut, water. Without guar gum.

Average nutritional values per 100ml

Energy - 676kJ/168kcal;
Fat - 16.4g,
of which saturates - 15.5g;
Carbohydrates - 3.0g,
of which sugars - 1.1g;
Protein - 2.1g;
Salt - < 0.1g


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