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Zoya.BG Initiatives

Hello everyone! This is a page where we share the good initiatives which we found meaningful, inspiring and worthy to support. Here are some of them and the results we’ve accomplished thanks to your amazing response

Date: 30.05.2021 
Initiative: Make the Sofia zoo a bit more colorful and interesting for the little visitors
The results: We’ve donated barrels which were hand-painted for some artsy look and positive vibe

Date: 23.02 – 24.02.2021
Initiative: Spring welcoming – a gift with each order charity martenitsa
The results: we have gifted over 1000 traditional bracelets in cooperation with “Maiko Mila” foundation. The funds were donated to mothers taking care of disabled children, who were also the creators of the beautifully, hand-knitted bracelets.

Към страницата на Фондация Майко Мила

Date: Active
Initiative: Zero waste – let’s get our everyday waste to the minimum!
The results: dozens of happy, conscious clients daily, who choose the option to bring their own container for bulk food and/or cosmetic and get 10% discount for those items – available in all physical Zoya Shops.

Date: Active
Initiative:  Time heroes – let’s support all the super-people
The results: 100% of the sales of the special edition “You are my hero” Galliot chocolates are being donated to the Time Heroes project – a platform developing the volunteering in Bulgaria

Дата: 01.02.2018
Initiative:  Charity campaign, organized to support “Hristo Botev” primary school and the two shelters alongside, a home for over 50 orphans.
The results: visiting the children at Lopyan village by the Zoya team, taking the transportation costs of ten bikes, donation and assembly of 9 beds, 9 mattresses and 12 wardrobes from extreme necessity.

More: Different sports and cultural events which we have supported throughout the years by gifting products from the Zoya BG assortment:

- “Wild animals” calendars – can be found in each physical store. The funds are used for wild patients treatment
- Ted Talks  - 2019 & 2021
- Udaya Live – 2018 & 2019
- Dunav Ultra – 2017 
- Gladiators on bikes – 2016 г.


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