Ylang Ylang Essential Oil - 10ml

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Cananga odorata, commonly called Ylang-ylang is a fast-growing tree of the custard-apple  family, Annonaceae, that exceeds 5 m (15 ft) per year and attains an average height of 12 m (40 ft). It grows in full or partial sun, and prefers the acidic soils of its native rainforest habitat. The evergreen leaves are smooth and glossy, oval, pointed, with wavy margins, and 13–20 cm (5-8 in) long. The flower is drooping, long-stalked, with six narrow greenish yellow (rarely pink) petals, rather like a sea star in appearance, and yields a highly fragrant essential oil.

Аromatic Description:

Fresh, floral, sweet, slightly fruity, fragrant yet delicate.

Possible Uses:

Anxiety, depression, frigidity, hypertension, palpitations, stress.

Safety Information:

Possible sensitization. [Robert Tisserand, Essential Oil Safety (United Kingdom: Churchill Livingstone, 1995), 211.]

Ingredients (INCI):

Cananga odorata (Ylang-ylang) flower oil, Benzyl benzoate**, Benzyl salicylate**, Eugenol**, Farnesol**, Geraniol**, Limonene**
* organic ingredient, ** naturally occurring within essential oils


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