Ultra-Ventilated Red Clay - 200g

Ultra-Ventilated Red Clay - 200g

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Argiletz has carefully selected the best types of clay for each use: the different colours are suited to different skin types. Red illite clay is a soft clay prized for its toning properties. Red clay, ultra-ventilated* powder form, is a natural source of minerals and trace elements. Every type of complexion needds a little care and attention, and Argiletz has used its years of experience to carefully select a clay which will bring out the best in each. Ultra-ventilated and rich in natural trace elements, this red illite clay works like magic to bring out the shine in both hair and skin. Its secret lies in its rich ferrous oxide content, which clears the complexion and leaves skin glowing and wonderfully silky to the touch.
(*Ultra-ventilated means that the heavy micas have been removed by wind separation, leaving only approximately 20 micron powder.)

*Recommended for dry skin;
*as a facial mask;
*revitalizing hair mask for dry, fragile or limp hair;
* beauty bath to soften the skin, cleanse and refine skin texture.

Directions for use:

External use: in a small glass or wooden dish, add 2 to 3 dessertspoons of red clay to a little mineral or floral water. Leave to stand for a few minutes. Mix well with a wooden spatula to obtain a smooth, thick paste. The clay will react with metal so only use, glass, ceramic or wooden utensils when mixing your mask.

Face: apply in a thick layer, even around the eye contour. Leave on for 10 min to take effect. Do not allow clay to dry. Cleanse with lukewarm water. Dry your skin thoroughly. Apply moisturizing cream.
Hair: spread evenly over the scalp. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse, then apply shampoo.
Bath:dilute a 200g sachet of pink clay in the bath water. A few drops of essential oil may be added if desired. Relax for 20 mins, then rinse with clear water. Your skin will feel wonderfully supple and soft.

Ingredients (INCI):

Illite red clay, a natural source of minerals.


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