Ultra Fine Rice Flour - organic, Sarchio, 500 g

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Manufacturer: Sarchio
BB date: 07-11-2022
Origin: Italy
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€ 3.75
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Organic gluten-free flour from rice, grown in Italy

Ultra fine ground flour made from Italian rice. Excellent for making the softest sponges, cakes, biscuits, short crust pastry or batter, and for thickening sauces like custard or béchamel sauce. Gluten free.

Sarchio is an Italian company that produces and sells organic and gluten-free food products from organic raw materials that are grown mainly in Italy. Their range of natural, traditionally-made foods was inspired by what people used to eat in the olden days, so no chemical additives, food colourings or preservatives are used.

Nutritional values per 100g:

Energy - 1489kJ / 351kcal;
Fat - 0.5g,
of which saturated - 0.2g;
Carbohydrate - 79g,
of which sugars - 0.5g;
Fibers - 1.0g;
Protein - 7.0g;
Salt - <0.01g.


rice flour*.
* organic product.


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