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Ecozone's Forever Flush Toilet Block is an innovative alternative to toilet rim hangers, that instead sits discretely in your toilet cistern for up to 2000 flushes. Encased in a fully recyclable exterior, the block is designed in a way that it gradually releases the solution inside when its penetrated with water. Once you flush, the sanitised water (either blue, violet or mint green) filters into the toilet bowl, cleansing and descaling your toilet in one. It is advised to use your toilet brush to maintain a thorough clean as often as needed.

Available in single indigo, original (blue) and jade options.

• Cleans, sanitises & descales toilet bowl on every flush
• Biodegradable & natural formula
• Non-toxic & septic tank safe

How to use:

Firstly, thoroughly clean your toilet bowl with a toilet brush. Flush the toilet so the water level in the cistern lowers, then place the Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner into the cistern of your toilet. DO NOT remove the purple lid, remove the seal or open the product. Simply use it as it comes out of the main packaging and place it directly into the cistern.


Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous >70%, Coco Alkyl Diethanolamides >10%, Sodium Hydroxide >6%
Contains perfume

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