Starter Cultures for Homemade Yoghurt - 5x2g

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Why use starter cultures Yo-Aktiv?

· By using the powdered starter cultures Yo-Aktiv you provide a minimum of 108 lactic bacteria, such as Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, in your yoghurt.
· When you use starter cultures regularly, there is no danger of bacteria degeneration in the final product, as is often the case with using older yoghurt as starter.
· The same taste and texture are guaranteed each time, provided you are using the same milk.

How to use the starter cultures:

1. Dissolve completely the contents of 1 sachet of starter cultures in no more than 2 litres of boiled and cooled to 44°C milk.
2. Stir well and distribute in suitable containers.
3. During the fermentation process, for about 5-6 hours, store at rest at a temperature of 42-44°С and do not stir (you may use a yoghurt making machine, leave the containers in the oven at a very low temperature or you may cover them with a few blankets which should keep them warm). Afterwards, store the yoghurt in the fridge, at a temperature +2°С to +6°С.

Useful tips for making homemade yoghurt:

- In order to guarantee the effectiveness of our starter cultures, please store according to the producer's instructions in unopened sachets.
- If you desire to make denser yoghurt, we recommend you use milk with high fat content (more than 1,5%).
- The milk you use should not contain preservatives, antibiotics or other additives.
- The whole content of the sachet is dissolved in 1-2 litres of milk, pasteurised in advance.
- The whole dissolved starter culture with the milk is stirred into the whole volume of milk, not added little by little to each container.
- The containers you use to prepare yoghurt should be very clean - this is the way to ensure longer shelf life and no yeasting.
- If you are using a yoghurt making machine, please follow the instructions.
- If you are not using a yoghurt making machine, the recommended temperature of the milk, at which it is best to add the contents of the sachet, is 43-45°С. If it is higher than 45°С, the bacteria from the starter cultures may be killed. If it is below 40°С, this could prolong the preparation time, the yoghurt may acquire altered taste or texture.
- Do not move or stir the yoghurt during the fermentation time (5-6 hours).
- The optimal characteristics of the ready yoghurt will be present approximately 24 hours after the preparation.

5 sachets x 2g each

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