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The sprouting jar is certainly one of the simplest and most effective methods for producing tasty and nutritious sprouts in just a few days and in your own home. The package contains a glass jar suited for foods, the special screw-on lid provided with metal net, a ceramic base and the jar’s metal support. The user friendly instructions hereunder, are generally applicable for all kinds of plants. The only things that vary, according to the type of sprout, are the maximum quantity of seeds to use and the time needed to obtain the produce.

Day one:

Place the seeds in the jar, screw on the lid and leave to soak in plenty of water (at least three quarters of the jar) for 8-12 hours; then rinse the seeds thoroughly, turning the jar upside shaking it repeatedly to avoid water stagnating at the bottom. Place the jar on its metal support placed on the ceramic base; this will cause all water eventually remaining in the jar to drain down into the base. The jar must be placed on a flat surface and kept at room temperature (18-25 C), away from direct light and from sources of heat.

Following days:

In the following days the jar must be filled and after 1-2 minutes, drained again. This is done to allow the seeds contained in the jar to moisten and thus germinate more quickly. This procedure should be repeated at least twice a day (morning and evening) until harvest time, and anyway if the seeds in the jar appear to be dry. As in day one, be sure to shake the contents of the jar every time when rinsing.


The sprouts will grow rapidly and according to their specific characteristics and to the room temperature. Finally, the sprouts are removed from the jar and ready to eat or placed in the refrigerator where they will continue, very gradually to grow.
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