Relaxing Herbal Tea - organic, Alce Nero, 20 pcs

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Manufacturer: Alce Nero
BB date: 28-04-2023
Origin: Italy
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Organic herbal tea with passion flower, lemon balm and verbena

Soothing organic herbal tea with passion flower, lemon balm and verbena. No artificial flavours. It has a balanced taste and fresh citrus aroma. Prepare a cup of hot tea and enjoy it in the evening just before bed.

Passion flower is a beautifully blooming plant, which is known as herb since ancient times and was used for preparing a soothing infusion.

Lemon balm has a natural lemon flavour. It benefits moments of stress and nervous tension.

Verbena is a small plant with colourful flowers. In case of insomnia, prepare hot verbena tea.

Box full of individually packaged staple-free teabags, 100% compostable.


Pour a bag of tea with 200 ml of freshly boiled water and leave to brew for 5-8 minutes.


35% passion flower*, 35% lemon balm*, 30% verbena*. 
* organic ingredients.

20 packets (Net weight: 30g)


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