Raspberry Wine - 750ml

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Manufacturer: Trastena
Origin: Bulgaria
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The legend says that once in the monastery of St. Panteleimon monks made fragrant raspberry wine. Today, from the sanctuary has remained only a stone cross. Around the ruins organic raspberry plantation is grown and the ancient wine recipe is still preserved. This amazing drink can transport you to another dimension, high in the Stara Planina. Made from 100% organic fermented raspberries and tradition. Contains no artificial colors, fragrances and flavors. The taste is sweet, dense, with heavy fruit characteristics. Combines well with cheese, meat and fruit.

The wine is made in the Trastena area, which is located at the northern foot of Izdremets peak, at 1130 meters in Stara Planina. Nearby is the "Trustenaya" hut. The production technology is borrowed from an old fruit wine recipe with no preservatives and additional flavors.

Manufacturers’ Advice:

Drink moderately and be adventurous!


Fermented organic raspberries (100%). Alcohol: 13%.

750 ml

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