Pink Peppercorns - organic, ZoyaBG ®, 30 g

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Manufacturer: ZoyaBG ®
BB date: 31-07-2022
Origin: Madagascar
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EAN: 3800231693821
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6.15 лв
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Dried whole fruits of Brazilian pepper with mild flavour

The pepper corn-sized fruits ahave a bright pink colour. Sweet and aromatic, they are similar to juniper and can easily substitute it in alcoholic beverages such as gin, even though pink pepper is far more intensive. Pink pepper­corns are named so for their shape only, not for their flavour, which is not pungent, but mild and sweet. Pink peppercorns must therefore not be confused with the ripe pepper fruits that have reddish to brown hue, but show an intense peppery pungency and are generally much rarer. The flavour of the small, pink berries is rather weak, and so they serve predominantly ornamental purpose - a frequent use is as decoration of chocolate bars and ice-cream. Some cookbooks suggest them for fish and certain vegetables (such as asparagus), as they can develop a subtle flavour in food that has little other spices.


Pink peppercorns, fruits of the Brazilian pepper (Schinus terebinthifoliа), organic agriculture.


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