Oxygen Bleaching Agent 400 g

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Manufacturer: AlmaWin
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9.85 лв
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The sodium carbonate decomposes to the natural basic substances of mineral soda, water and active oxygen. AlmaWin has no synthetic optical brighteners in powder or liquid products, therefore AlmaWin Oxygen Bleaching Agent can be used when ever needed to whiten laundry, remove stains or refreshen the colours of colour fast textiles.

Recommended use:

Prevents and removes grey tinge on the white laundry. Removes stains like grass, red wine, fruit. Also suitable as additive in the dishwasher to remove coffee and tea deposits. Effective even from 30° C. For 16 loads.


Bleaching agent on oxygen basis, Soda, Natron, Sodium citrate, Sodium sulphate, Saccharoidal surfactants, Bleaching agent activator.

400 g

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