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Sesame oil is an excellent skin oil. The oil absorbs well, acts purifying and the contained fat byproducts protect the skin from premature ageing. Sesame oil is a good carrier of active ingredients and is able to transport them deep into the skin tissue.

Sesame oil has a light SPF factor and is popular for use in sunscreens. Sesame oil nourishes dry skin that is badly circulated. In Ayurveda sesame oil is used as a massage oil and for detox externally and internally.

- Suitable for a variety of skin types - from dry to oily.
- Absorbed slowly in the skin. This makes it suitable for long whole-body massages. Mix with melted coconut oil to add more lubrication.
- Provides better care for the skin of hands and nails. Use alone or when preparing hand creams since it nourishes cracked skin and protects cuticles.
- Thanks to its components, sesame seed oil has a long shelf life - when properly stored, it may be used within 24 months. Can be added to other more unstable oils to improve their oxidant stability.

Sesame Seed Oil for internal use Sesame Seed Oil


Apply sesame seed oil on face and body after a warm shower. Leave it for 10 min. Blot excess oil, if any, with cotton pad.

Ingredients (INCI):

Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil* (cold-pressed oil from sesame seeds)
* from organic agriculture

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