Organic Popcorn - 400g

Organic Popcorn - 400g
Organic Popcorn - 400g Organic Popcorn - 400g

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Origin: Hungary
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Popcorn, except very tasty, can be very healthy. Especially when prepared at home. Popcorns are a nutritious low-fat snack with no cholesterol, rich in fiber and polyphenols. They are prepared from special maize variety. Its grains crack and form white starchy foam when exposed to high temperature.


Use a dry container with thin walls, lid and handle. Put no more than 1 tablespoon of fat. Heat the pan and pour desired amount of popcorn. Occasionally move the pan back and forth until grains stop popping. Season with salt and spices of your choice.


Organic corn

Average nutritional value per 100g:

Energy 1695kJ / 394kcal
Fat 4.30g,
of which saturates 0.60g;
Carbohydrates 77.90g,
of which sugars 0.90g;
Fibre 2.10g
Protein 12.00g
Salt 0.1g


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