Organic Plant Gelling Agent (Agar Agar) - 30g

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Simply "sea" of the best: Lecker's organic gelling agent from sea algae is particularly suitable for the preparation of jellies, creams, jams and pies, but also for savory dishes such as jellied meats in aspic. The vegan alternative to gelatine!
It is tasteless, free of preservatives and of pure plant />* Our organic gelling agent consists of 100% organic Agar Agar, which is obtained from various red algae
* Only unbleached raw material is used

Combine sour fruits such as currants or quinces with sweet fruit. Agar Agar only gels when cooled to 40°C. Pure lemon juice does not gel!
Our tip: The agar agar reaction can be reversed at any time: gelled agar liquefies on heating and solidifies after cooling. The gelling result can thereby be changed as often as desired, e.g. by adding (boiled!) Agar agar for a firmer, or by adding liquid for a thinner consistency.


*from organic agriculture  

Nutritional values per 100g:

Energy - 700kJ/175 kcal;   
Fats - <0.1g
of which saturated <0.014g;
Carbohydrates - 0.4g
of which sugars 0.4g;
Protein - <0.1g,
Salt - 1.25g


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#553 in Organic foods
#81 in Organic foods > Spices

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