Organic Matcha powder - 70g

70 g

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Origin: China
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Matcha is the finely ground powder of the young leaves of specially grown green tea. It is characterized by a soft and slightly sweet flavour and intense green colour. Used in the Japanese tea ceremony for centuries, today matcha is consumed worldwide as a refreshing beverage and as an ingredient in various dishes and desserts.


To prepare tea, add 60-70ml hot but not boiling water (70°C) to 1/4 tsp (1g) Matcha powder and mix well. For a creamy texture, you can use a traditional bamboo tea brush or a handheld electric foam appliance. Matcha powder can be blended with other teas, shakes and drinks. It is suitable for preparing a variety of desserts and sauces.

Nutritional value of 100g:

Energy value - 11193kJ / 285 kcal
Fat - 5.2g,
of which saturates - 0.7g
Carbohydrates - 21.2g
of which sugars - 1.2g
Protein - 24.1g
Dietary fiber - 28,6g
Salt - < 0.1g


Matcha green tea powder, organic

70 g

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