Organic Maqui Berry - 60 g

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Download organic certificate from HERE (requires Adobe PDF Reader).

Maqui berry is the fruit of the evergreen tree Aristotelia chilensis, native to the rainforests of Chile and Argentina. The fruit are purple-black and their taste is similar to blackberries'. Mapuche Indians used maqui to prepare tonic to improve warriors' strength and stamina. Maqui extract was also used to treat diarrhea, inflammation and fever. Studies show that maqui berry has excellent anti-inflammatory properties due to its high anthocyanin content (212 mg per 100 g dry fruit). This water-soluble pigment not only blocks inflammatory process but also contributes to cancer prevention. Maqui berry has among the highest ORAC values. Maqui berry consumption decreases the LDL cholesterol and helps prevent cardio-vascular diseases.


3-6g (½-1 table spoon) of maqui berry powder in juice, milkshake or mousse.


Maqui berry powder from organic farming.

60 g

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