Organic Light Brown Sugar – 500 g

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Manufacturer: Alce Nero
BB date: 11-05-2026
Origin: Italy
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To turn sugarcane into refined table sugar, the stalks are cut then crushed with rollers until juice is extracted. Milk of lime and carbon dioxide are added to help clarify the juice, then it's sent through an evaporator to remove the water and concentrate it into a syrup. The sugar in the syrup is crystalized, and you end up with a big old vat of raw sugar crystals covered in molasses.
The difference between light and dark brown sugar is simply the amount of molasses each contains. Light brown sugar has less molasses per total volume of sugar (about 3.5%) while dark brown sugar has more (6.5%). You can easily see the difference: dark brown sugar is darker in color and looks more like molasses syrupTrese is difference in their taste as well: dark brown sugar has a slightly more complex flavor, one which people often characterize as similar to caramel or toffee.


Light brown crystallized sugar

500 g

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