Organic Korean Panax Ginseng Powder

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Origin: China
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Panax ginseng is used primarily to improve psychologic function, exercise performance, immune function, and conditions associated with diabetes. Panax ginseng promotes Yang energy, improves circulation, increases blood supply, revitalizes and aids recovery from weakness after illness, stimulates the body. Panax ginseng in particular may decrease endothelial cell dysfunction. Panax ginseng may quiet down the blood vessels and is protective against heart and other forms of cardiovascular disease. Traditional Chinese medicine also prescribes Panax ginseng to treat diabetes, and research has shown that it enhances the release of insulin from the pancreas and lowers blood sugar levels. Panax ginseng has antioxidant effects and increases immune system activity, which makes it a good herbal support for those suffering from cancer and AIDS and other chronic conditions that impair the immune system. American ginseng or Asian ginseng may slow the progression of Alzheimer's and improve memory and behavior.

Safety precautions:To avoid hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), even in non-diabetics, ginseng should be taken with food. Consuming caffeine with ginseng increases the risk of over-stimulation and gastrointestinal upset. Ginseng should not be taken by people who have hypertension.

Daily dosage: 500 to 2000 mg

60 g

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