Organic Instant Arabica Coffee - decaf - 100g


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Our house coffee made from the finest Arabicas combines the fruity depth of Papua New Guinea with the spicy power of Honduran and the glamorous abundance of Peruvian coffees. Round, balanced, silky-soft - instant coffee, without caffeine. So you do not have to miss any nutty nuances or the warm spicy notes.

Method approved for organic production of decaf coffee: The unroasted beans are soaked in warm water and then steamed so that natural carbon dioxide can bind the caffeine to it. This process is repeated several times until the caffeine content is under 0.1%.

* Hand-picked and selected; freeze-dried.
* 100% from controlled organic cultivation.
* 100% Fairtrade.
* Decaffeination process with source carbonic acid.

HOAC, Papua New Guinea. Cocla, Peru. Comsa, Honduras


1-2 heaping teaspoon with hot, but not boiling water pour. Stir. Done.


100% organic Arabica coffee


Close the jar tightly and store in a dry place

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