Organic Ginger Essential Oil - 5ml

Organic Ginger Essential Oil - 5ml
Organic Ginger Essential Oil - 5ml Organic Ginger Essential Oil - 5ml Organic Ginger Essential Oil - 5ml

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Botanical name: Zingiber officinalis

Extraction method: steam distillation


Scent: warm, spicy

Therapeutic properties: spasmolytic, analgesic, stimulating, warming.


Air refreshener - Enhances the immune system, balances chakras.

Put 5 drops in an aroma lamp or mix 2 drops of ginger oil with 3 drops of lemon oil for improving concentration.

Massage - Add 6-8 drops of ginger oil (or in combination with other essential oils) to 50 ml base oil.

Bath - Add 3 drops of ginger oil to a warm bath. Relieves fatigue. The combination with lavender oil helps detoxification.

Compress - Add 3-5 drops of ginger oil to 50 ml base oil for muscle strains, sprains and rheumatism. 

Cooking - flavouring tea, cakes, cookies, beverages, rice, sushi and fish dishes.


Producer: Taoasis GmbH

Certificate: Bio-Siegel

5 ml

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