Organic Black Sesame Tahini - 200g

Organic Black Sesame Tahini - 200g

Price: € 5.25 (€ 2.63 / 100 g)

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Manufacturer: ZoyaBG ®
Origin: Bulgaria
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€ 5.25
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Made from black sesame seeds that have been roasted and ground, black tahini has a darker, toastier flavour that’s less rich and rounded than the sand-colored stuff. The hulls haven’t been removed (that’s what makes it black), so it has more body than the regular tahini.


Food is more fun with a black-tahini twist: you can use it in a turmeric dressing over salads, grain bowls, and roasted or raw vegetables — especially roasted cauliflower. Try it on sesame noodles, in hummus, obviously, baba ghanoush, too. Make it into a sweet topping for overnight oats, or bake it into shortbread cookies, or chocolate truffles. Make a yogurt dip for dates, make black halvah, eat it on plain white rice.

Nutritional values per 100g:

Energy - 2828kJ/676kcal
Fat - 56.1g
of which saturates - 7.4g
Carbohydrate - 18.2g
of which sugars - 2g
Protein - 24.4g
Salt - 0.1g


Organic black sesame seeds

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