"Oracle" - Sprouted and fermented organic powder blend - 10g, Ancestral Superfoods, 10 g

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Manufacturer: Ancestral Superfoods
BB date: 24-01-2022
Origin: Europe
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A specially developed formula for supporting the cognitive abilities of the brain in a convenient sachet

"Oracle" is a combination of organic germinated and fermented seeds containing an easily digestible and nutrient-rich organic powder blend from sprouted seeds with probiotics and fruits.

A specially developed formula for supporting the cognitive and mental abilities of the brain. A product rich in minerals; nutritional fibers; with alkaline-acid balance. The product supports the immune system; it assists in the optimization of cholesterol levels, supports memory and the functioning of the brain; with an anti-aging effect, optimal metabolism through the use of a fermentation technology

Oracles were the sacred prophets of ancient societies. They were the conduits of the gods on earth and mediators between the physical and the spiritual realm. They also possessed great channeling and mental power. Our wish is to harness these traits and abilities and transmute them to enhance the cognitive and mental skills of modern people.
Recipe advice:
1 sachet “Oracle” + 100-150g fruit (bananas and kiwi) + 700ml fluids (juice, soy or rice milk). Shake and enjoy.


Sprouted and fermented brown rice bran*, sprouted and fermented hemp seed bran*, sprouted golden millet bran*, sprouted golden flax seed bran*, sprouted pumpkin seeds*, dried fruit powders*: aronia, apple and rose hip, jerusalem artichoke*, nettle powder*, probiotic complex (lactobacillus and bifidobacterium bifidum strains), dried inactive yeast*, lemon extract*
* from organic farming


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