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Natural Baby Laundry Detergent uses fragrance-free, hypoallergenic ingredients that are as gentle on synthetic and natural fibres as they are on your little one’s skin. Dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free. Certified by the National Eczema Association. Our enzyme-free formula works with both standard and HE washing machines, as well as cold water cycles.

• Еffectively cleanses synthetic and natural fabrics, without irritating sensitive skin.
Formulated for cold water in both standard and High Efficiency (HE) washing machines.
• Fragrance-free.
• Dermatologically tested, non-irritating and hypoallergenic, National Eczema Association certified.
• Colloidal oatmeal is known for its protective, soothing and hydrating properties.
Free of enzymes to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction.
Free of potentially harmful optical brighteners.
• The surfactants are made from renewable raw materials (plant-derived glucose and fatty alcohols), free of ethoxylated bi-products, such as SLES/SLS.

How to use:

See table for dosing instructions. For tough stains, pour a small quantity directly onto stain and rub or soak before washing. Always check labels for special instructions. Avoiding irritants and exacerbating factors (such as harsh detergents, solvents and acidic foods) is recommended.

Ingredients (INCI):

Aqua (solvent), Sodium coco sulfate (surfactant), Lauryl glucoside (surfactant), Sodium gluconate (chelating agent), Sodium citrate (chelating agent), Triethyl citrate (antioxidant), Raspberry ketone (skin conditioner), Avena sativa (oat) kernel flour (soothing agent), Allyl caproate (emollient).

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