Natural Bulgarian Sesame Seed Tahini – 200 g

200 g

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To make tahini, sesame seeds are typically blanched in hot water to remove their hulls, which float to the top. The hulls are skimmed off and the remaining flesh of the seeds is allowed to drain before being ground, usually with a small addition of salt, and sometimes olive as well. The result is a thick, nutty paste, like nut butters in consistency and flavor.
In Middle Eastern cuisine, tahini appears most often in hummus, baba ghanouj, and halvah. Both hummus and baba ghanouj use a base of tahini, lemon, oil, and garlic to hold the dish together, while halvah is a dessert candy made with tahini and a sweetener such as honey. Often, other ingredients are added to the halvah to add texture and flavor. All of these dishes are very popular around the Mediterranean.

Additionally, tahini is used as a base for sauces. Tahini-rich sauces are used as dressings for meat, vegetables, and salads. Typically, the dressing is made by thinning tahini with ingredients such as lemon juice or water, and ingredients such as dill, pepper, or other herbs may be added for flavor.
Tahini can be used to replace sesame paste in Asian cooking as well. Especially in Japan, sesame paste is used as the base for many dips and sauces, and it is sometimes used in soups as well.

Nutritional information per 100 g:

Energy - 2385 kJ/570 kcal
Fats – 48 g
of which saturates - 6.7 g
Carbohydrates – 26 g
of which sugars - 4 g
Protein – 18 g
Salt - 0 g


Hulled and roasted sesame seeds (100%)

Allergy information:

* Contains sesame

200 g

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