Milk Artisanal Chocolate Orange and Almond - organic, Chocolate Tree, 100 g

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Manufacturer: Chocolate Tree
BB date: 17-12-2022
Origin: United Kingdom
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Craft handmade milk chocolate from Scotland

Milk artisanal chocolate, inspired by the Italian confectionery art. The cacao mixture is finely enriched with orange oil, and the resulting chocolate bar is sprinkled with candied orange peel pieces and whole roasted almonds - a favourite chocolate-orange taste effectively complemented by almond nut flavour. A beautiful and delicious performance in a luxury package, suitable as a gift for the loved ones or just to pamper ourselves.

The Chocolate tree is a small company in Scotland for handmade chocolate from high quality ingredients and in limited editions. Used cacao beans are from wild cacao trees in Peru, which are fairly exchanged according to Fair Trade standards. Chocolatier’s motto is "Cacao is the food of the gods brought to the Earth" – related to the ancient Greek name of cacao tree Theobroma cacao, which means exactly “Food of the gods”.


Cane sugar *, cacao butter *, milk powder * (25%), cacao mass *, candied orange peel * (10%), almonds (10%), orange oil * (<1%).


With 45% cacao content.

Nutritional value per 100 g:

Energy value: 2223kJ / 509kcal
Fat 33.4 g,
of which saturated 17.1 g;
Carbohydrates 49.7 g,
of which sugars 42 g;
Fiber 6.1 g;
Protein 11.1 g;
Salt 0.26 g.

100 g

Скъпи клиенти, поради усложнената обстановка след Brexit, е възможна неналичност на продуктите от Английските ни партньори в следващите 2 месеца. Извиняваме се за създаденото неудобство.

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