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Mastic wood resin - natural gum

Mastic resin or only mastic gum, has been known since ancient times as natural gum. Due to the shape of the tear, which is obtained when the resin comes out on the bark of the mastic tree, it is also called "Tears of Chios" - Greek island, where it is mainly cultivated and grown. The mastic has a characteristic balsamic aroma, is easy to chew and forms a stretchy gum. It is used to flavour chewing gum, candy, Turkish delight, various desserts and alcoholic beverages. In Lebanon and Egypt, it is used to flavour soups, meats and desserts.

The mastic resin changes depending on the temperature, it is soft in summer and harder in winter. Fresh mastic has a light whitish colour, softer texture and is easier to chew.

Use of Mastic gum:

for direct consumption as a chewing gum for fresh breath or as a spice that dissolves in hot foods. May flavour olive oil or other vegetable oils.


100% natural mastic resin (Pistacia lentiscus).

10 g

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