''Love for life" tea with cocoa, cardamom and orange - organic, 1 pcs

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Ayurvedic tea for a fresh start of the day

A balancing tea to start the day full of joy and enthusiasm. A selection of ayurvedic teas that have been crafted to accompany you on your journey through the many phases of the day. The night is giving way to the day as the sun begins to rise. Everything is waking up and getting ready for the start of the day. Awaken your mind and body and energize them with positive energy and harmony. The sun is rising higher and higher, just like you. Stay awake and joyful with Shoti Maa's delicious tea offering.

This is a tea designed for your "journey" through the different stages of the day - a drink that can make everyday life a pleasant experience. Created by experts familiar with the intricacies of tea using ancient yogic techniques.

How to use "Love for life" tea with cocoa, cardamom and orange - organic:

Brew one tea bag in 300 ml of water for 5-6 minutes.


Cocoa husks* (45%), rooibos*, cinnamon*, ginger* (5%), orange peel*, cardamom* (4%), cloves*, black pepper*, orange extract*, stevia leaves*.
* from organic farming.


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