Light agave syrup - organic - 280 / 680g

280 g, 680 g

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Origin: Mexico
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Download organic certificate from HERE (requires Adobe PDF Reader).

Agave nectar (sometimes called agave syrup) is most often produced from the Blue Agaves that thrive in the volcanic soils of Southern Mexico. Agaves are large, spikey plants that are similar to the familiar Aloe Vera. Due to the Blue Agave's high carbohydrate content (which results in a high percentage of fructose in the final nectar), Blue Agave is the preferred species for producing nectar.
The agave nectar is made from the large leaves of the plant. They are cut off, revealing the core of the plant (called the "pina"). To make the agave nectar, sap is extracted from the pina, filtered, and heated at a low temperature, which breaks down the carbohydrates into sugars. Lighter and darker varieties of agave nectar are made from the same plants. The lighter syrups undergo less heating and a more thorough filtration to produce a more mildly flavored product that is neutral enough to be used in many culinary applications. The darker syrups are filtered less, and the solids left in the syrup make for a stronger nectar with a flavor sometimes compared to maple syrup. The taste of agave nectar is comparable, though not identical, to honey. Many people who do not like the taste of honey, find agave a more palatable choice. It also has none of the bitter aftertaste associated with artificial sweeteners.

Directions for use:

An ideal alternative to known sweeteners - use it to sweeten drinks, desserts, sauces and dressings. Please, taste it in  advance to match your the sweetness of agave syrup to your personal preference.

Nutritional information per 100g:

Energy - 1262 kJ/302 kcal
Fat - 0g
Carbohydrates - 75g
of which sugar - 74g
Protein - 0g
Salt - 0g


Organic light agave syrup

280 / 680g

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