Icing Sugar Alternative from Erythritol and Stevia, Sukrin, 400 g

Price: 19.15 лв (4.79 лв / 100 g)

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Manufacturer: Sukrin
BB date: 09-02-2024
Origin: Norway
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19.15 лв
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A finely-ground erythritol sweetener with steviol glycosides (from the stevia plant)

Icing sugar substitute with zero calories. The combination of the two sweeteners (erythritol and steviol glycosides) makes for a round and rich sweet taste and tempers the cooling sensation that pure erythritol can cause. It has the same level of sweetness as ordinary sugar/icing sugar and is used in the same volume. Since it is finely ground, it has greater solubility and is particularly suitable for:
• Cakes and desserts that aren’t baked (such as cheesecakes)
• Icing: cream cheese, butter cream, chocolate icing etc.
• Iced teas and other cold drinks
• Smoothies
• Decoration / sprinkles
• Yogurt / quark

Suggested use:

Icing sugar alternative can be used for baking. It has slightly greater volume. 100ml icing weighs about 70g. When baking, the amount of icing sugar you use should not constitute more than 1/5 or about 20% of the total volume of ingredients. When using Sukrin icing sugar to make regular icing sugar frosting (with water / egg white), it may be a good idea to mix 50/50 with regular icing sugar to achieve the right consistency.

Nutrition per 100g:

Energy 0kJ / 0kcal
Fat 0g
of which saturates 0g
Carbohydrate 100g
of which sugars 0g
of which polyols 100g*
Protein 0g
Salt 0g
* Carbohydrates that are not metabolized by the body.


Sweeteners: erythritol, steviol glucosides
Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects.


Sales ranks
#892 in Organic foods
#27 in Organic foods > Sweeteners

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We ship within 24 hours with tracked and signed delivery. For Bulgaria it takes 1 day, for Greece and Romania: 1-2 days, for other EU countries it takes 3-5 days. Tracking number is available after your order upon request.

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