Hypoallergenic Air Purifier - Sparkling Fun - 227g

Hypoallergenic Air Purifier - Sparkling Fun - 227g

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Did you know familiar smells can soothe your infant? A wonder-full home needs wellbeing and “smell-being”! Synthetic fragrances and perfumes may contain over 100 chemical compounds that can have a negative impact on your family. ATTITUDE’s safe and effective Sparkling Fun Natural Air Purifier for babies & kids uses activated carbon from charcoal, nature’s filter, for a worry-free way to clean air of stubborn odours and pollutants for up to six weeks (depending on room size).

• Natural Air Purifier for baby’s room that traps air pollutants and releases a natural and soft sweet scent.
• Contains activated carbon to trap harmful air particles and other air pollutants.
• Contains resin to neutralize odors (not mask them) for a long-lasting effect.
• 100% natural ingredients, derived from plants and minerals only.
• PETA Certified and cruelty-free; 100% vegan.
• Allows easy control of intensity with adjustable vents.


1- Remove container lid and put aside.
2- Remove and discard freshness seal.
3- Put the lid back on the container.
4- Adjust vents to desired level of absorption and scent intensity.


Natural plant-derived fragrance, Activated carbon (air purifier), Resin (odor neutralizing and fragrance releaser)


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