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Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt is an unrefined natural product. It is a pure, hand-mined salt that derives from ancient sea salt deposits. It is believed to be the purest form of salt on the planet. The mineral crystals range in color from sheer white, varying shades of pink, to deep reds which coresponds to either high mineral and iron content, or their lower presence . The light pink color is attained when mixing the different kinds of the rock and grinding them.  When there is more red veins in the crystal, the color is darker pink. Taste qualities differ with the color of the salt – the lighter it is, the more salty it feels and vice versa – if the rock is darker, its salty taste diminishes.

Beneficial properties

Himalayan Pink Salt was originally formed from marine fossil deposits over 250 million years ago during the Jurassic era. Harvested from ancient sea beds, this rare and extraordinary salt has been a valuable commodity for centuries. After being hand-selected, the salt is then hand-crushed, hand-washed, and dried in the sun. Himalayan crystal salt is believed to be healthier than traditional iodized kitchen salt. It has a rich mineral content that includes over 84 essential  macrominerals (calcium, chloride, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium and trace minerals (boron, chromium, copper, fluoride, iodine, manganese, molybdenum, selenium and zinc). Normally, our bodies process salt as they turn it into sodium chloride, which is unnatural salt that the human body actually recognizes as toxic. The body cannot dispose of it in a natural, healthy way which can lead to inflammation of the tissues, water retention and high blood pressure. Studies show that for each gram of table salt your system cannot process, your body will use over twenty times the amount of cellular water to neutralize the sodium chloride in chemically-treated salt. This can lead to cellulite, rheumatism, arthritis, gout, as well as kidney and gallbladder stones. Pink salt may be used in the same manner as table salt for culinary dishes and baking, but it is purer and higher in mineral content.This salt is recognized for its beautiful pink color, high mineral content, and its therapeutic properties.

Health benefits

Regular moderate consumption of Himalayan salt balances electrolytes, supports proper nutrient absorption, eliminates toxins, balances the body’s pH, normalizes blood pressure, and increases circulation and conductivity.  It can also assist with relief from arthritis, skin rashes, psoriasis, herpes, and flu and fever symptoms. Himalayan Pink salt can be used as a treatment for easing the pain of ear infections, menstrual cramps and also psoriasis, when taken in the form of “sole”. The other expected benefits from moderate regular consumption can be regulating your sleep, promoting bone strength and sinus health, generating cell hydroelectric energy within the cells, prevention of muscle cramps and stabilization of the blood sugar level, helping to reduce acid reflux and removing toxins.

sole - spring or other pure water in which a certain amount of Himalayan salt has been dissolved so that the liquid reaches a level of 26% salinity.


although the Himalayan salt is healthy alternative to the kitchen one, it must not be overtaken. Excessive usage of any kind of salt leads to water retention which can be very unhealthy for the lymph system. Anyway, himalayan salt in a moderate quantity is a very good choice for people with high blood pressure. The recommended amount of salt per day is not more than 2-3 grams or one tea spoon.

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