Ground vanilla Tahitensis - organic

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Manufacturer: ZoyaBG ®
BB date: 10-12-2023
Origin: Papua New Guinea
SKU: SKU13079
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€ 4.85
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Fragrant vanilla powder from Papua New Guinea

Vanilla is the queen of spices and one with saffron the most valuable spices in the world.

This new discovery from Papua New Guinea has a floral, exotic, anise-like aroma. It is Vanilla Tahitensis - probably a hybrid of Vanilla planifolia and Vanilla pompona. In contrast to the classic vanilla spice, the Bourbon (Planifolia) varieties from Madagascar, it has a lower vanillin content but it has other aromatic substances. Tahitian vanilla is more delicate than Bourbon with completely different flavour profile - flowery, fruity and anisic with a smooth flavour.


The heavenly aroma of vanilla ennobles all kinds of desserts, especially cream desserts such as Creme Brulee, vanilla pastry cream, or custards; fruit salads; ice-cream; jams and cakes. Tahitians also use it in savoury dishes, such as fish and seafood.


100% Vanilla tahitensis* powder
* from organic agriculture

5 / 20g

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