Ground Arabica Coffee La Mezkla - organic, Saldac, 250 g

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Manufacturer: Saldac
BB date: 31-07-2022
Origin: Honduras, Ecuador, Peru
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Organic coffee from Latin America, ground for espresso or French press

La Mezkla ground organic and Fair Trade coffee is an aromatic blend of 3 Latin American Arabica Grand Crus: half Palomar from Peru, 25% Capucas from Honduras and 25% Palanda from Ecuador. La Mezkla means "the mixture" in Spanish. It is a combination of three grands crus from our partner cooperatives:

• El Palomar for Peru: C.A.F.E (Coopérative Agraire de Fruits Ecologiques - Ecological Agrarian Cooperative of Fruit) Sanchirio Palomar, Chanchamayo, Peru. About 150 producers gathered on the same soil, for almost 500 cultivated hectares. About 50% of the mixture.

• Capucas for Honduras: A high altitude grand cru from several small plantations on 2 cooperatives: Capucas Cooperative in Copan in the north-west of the country and Comsa cooperative further south of the country in the Marcala region. 25% for the mixture.

• Palanda for Ecuador: Produced by APECAP (Association de Producteurs de Café Palanda - Palanda Coffee Producers' Association), in eastern Ecuador, about 1,500 m above sea level. About 25% of the mixture.

Taste characteristics:

Powerful and aromatic coffee. Roundness and aromas of Palomar (dried fruits), power of Honduras (cocoa) and honey taste of Palanda. Ground for all types of use, such as espresso and French press.


ground Arabica coffee beans from organic farming - 50% El Palomar from Peru, 25% Capucas from Honduras and 25% Palanda from Ecuador.


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