Green Tea Matcha Latte - organic - 30 g

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Manufacturer: ZoyaBG ®
BB date: 23-02-2021
Origin: Germany
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€ 3.95
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A combination of sweet coconut sugar and green tea matcha from organic agriculture.

Matcha is the finely ground powder of the young leaves of specially grown green tea. It is characterized by a soft and slightly sweet flavour and intense green colour. The freshly picked leaves are heated to prevent oxidation. Used in the Japanese tea ceremony for centuries, today matcha is consumed worldwide as a refreshing beverage, balancing the body and mind, and as an ingredient in various dishes and desserts. Matcha latte is a popular drink amongst the healthy food connoisseurs and an alternative when feeling like drinking a hot cup of healthy refreshment.

How to use:

To prepare matcha latte you will need a cup of almond, rice, or other type of plant-based drink, matcha latte mixture and 250 ml water. Add 30ml hot but not boiling water (70°C) to 1 tsp (1g) matcha latte, mix well and then add the remaining water. For a creamy texture, you can use a traditional bamboo tea brush or a handheld electric foam appliance. Steam the matcha and water mixture for half a minute. Heat the plant-based drink, add it in the cup and enjoy the refreshing taste of sweet matcha green tea with coconut sugar.


coconut sugar *, matcha green tea powder *
* organic ingredient

30 g

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