Fine Sea Salt from the Guérande, ZoyaBG ®, 500 g

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Manufacturer: ZoyaBG ®
Origin: France
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Guérande sea salt with minerals and trace elements

Guerande sea salt has always been hand-harvested using traditional methods and is well known for its culinary virtues. The salt fields are made of greyish-blue clay. It releases important minerals and trace elements to the salt crystal and gives this Atlantic sea salt its unique greyish colour and unmistakable taste. The Guérande sea salt with its strong salt note goes well with many dishes. Fine salt (or ground salt) is made from coarse salt, which is dried, then crushed. It is not processed, whitened or refined and retains the pleasure of an authentic salt. Rich in magnesium and trace elements, it is ideal for every type of use in the kitchen and on the table. Due to its high residual moisture content, it is only partially suitable for the salt mill.

Directions for use:

Sprinkle the salt over sashimi, use it to make a salt crust for fish, on barbecued meat, in a salted caramel or simply as seasoning for a soup, sauce or stew.


Fine grey sea salt (100%)


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