Fermented Nut Delicacy D'Free Trio - 300g

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Nut yoghurt with cashew, coconut milk and hazelnuts

D’free Trio is the perfect combination of fragrant coconut, melting cashews and charming hazelnuts, which is truly unique. Fermented nut yoghurt, a vegan alternative to dairy yoghurts, with ingredients that have nothing to hide: only hazelnuts, cashew nuts, coconut milk and starter cultures. With high content of plant protein: 5%, it is fermented thanks to the billions bacteria in the starter cultures, some of which are the most studied and documented BB-12® bifido bacteria. Lactose- and dairy-free, gluten-free, a natural product witout preservatives and flavour enhancers. The temptingly delicious Trio can be eaten straight from the jar or combined with favourite fruit, seeds or homemade preserve.

Nutritional values per 100g:

Energy 847kJ / 205kcal
Fat 18.1g,
of which saturated 6.1g;
Carbohydrates 5.4g,
of which sugars <0.5g;
Protein 5.0g;
Salt 0.1g

Ingredients of Fermented Nut Delicacy D'Free Trio:

water, coconut milk 26%, cashew nuts 17%, hazelnuts 4%, vegan starter cultures (Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus).


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