Fermented Cashew Cream - Dried Tomatoes & Oregano - 100g

Price: 5.95 лв (5.95 лв / 100 g)

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Manufacturer: Delishu
Origin: Bulgaria
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5.95 лв
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Due to short BB dates this product is available only for Bugarian orders.

Delishu Dried Tomato & Oregano is made with organic sun-dried tomatoes and oregano. Pizza, bruschetti, pasta, white fish - all of them adore the pleasant sour aftertaste of Delishu. Try it with dried fruit, balsamic reduction, honey, and raspberry/orange dressing while enjoying sweet wine.

Delishu Dried Tomato & Oregano contains a bit more salt, as sun-dried tomatoes are salted to protect their qualities, unlike when dehydrated at high temperature. Its stronger sour streak is ideally suited to go with dried and fresh sweet fruits, preserves and honey, balsamic reduction, and fine white wines and rosé.


70% raw cashew nuts, proprietary live starter cultures containing L.Bulgaricus, S.Thermophilus, L.Acidophilus, organic sun-dried tomatoes, organic dried oregano, organic raw coconut oil (nonhydrogenated), Himalaya salt.

Nutritional values per 100g / per serving 30g:

Energy       429.89kcal / 1772.59kJ     128.97kcal / 531.78kJ
Fat,          39.83g        11.95g
of which saturated 21.93g     6.58g
Carbohydrate,    4.87g        3.24g
of which sugars  1.46g        0.97g
Protein          8.33g        2.50g
Salt             1.15g        0.35g
L.Bulgaricus     58 billion   17.4 billion   
S.Thermofilus     65 billion  19.5 billion   
L. Acidophilus     2 billion   600 million

Important! As this is artisanal product and due to fermentation processes, firmness and acidity may vary.

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