Fermented Cashew Cream - Boletus & Thyme - 100g

Fermented Cashew Cream - Boletus & Thyme - 100g

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Manufacturer: Delishu
Origin: Bulgaria
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€ 3.45
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Due to short BB dates this product is available only for Bugarian orders.

Delishu Boletus & Thyme with organic boletus mushrooms and organic thyme has mild and rich balanced flavour of mountain mushrooms with a pinch of wild thyme. Try it with a glass of good wine, capers, baby pickles, crackers, toasted bread, risotto, antipasti and cream soups.

We make Delishu in our own recipe, perfected for 5 years, by exploring the cashew fermentation processes. The lack of heat treatment and animal ingredients gives a long life and efficiency of the microorganisms - over 140 days. We observe maturation processes as well, meaning that Delishu becomes even more intense with time, with an even richer and more exciting taste.


70% raw cashew nuts, proprietary live starter cultures containing L.Bulgaricus, S.Thermophilus, L.Acidophilus, organic dried Boletus mushrooms, organic dried thyme, organic raw coconut oil (nonhydrogenated), Himalaya salt.

Nutritional values per 100g / per serving 30g:

Energy       452.09kcal / 1866.07kJ     135.63kcal / 559.82kJ
Fat,           41.93g        12.58g
of which saturated 22.90g     6.87g
Carbohydrate,    7.60g        2.28g
of which sugars  5.17g        1.55g
Protein          8.18g        2.45g
Salt             1g           0.3g
L.Bulgaricus     58 billion   17.4 billion   
S.Thermofilus     65 billion  19.5 billion   
L. Acidophilus     2 billion   600 million

Important! As this is artisanal product and due to fermentation processes, firmness and acidity may vary.

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